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I've never been a good morning person and I usually love my lay ins... like daily! Been nocturnal doesn't leave you with much options really but lately I've got back into a good regime and wake up around 11:30 (unless I have work or something to do at a certain time the following day) - Waking up can be so hard, but cleansing and taking care of my skin in the morning doesn't only make me feel more awake, it prepares my skin for make up.
I love the quote, '' Skincare is the foundation to your foundation''  which is so true!!
You can not possibly achieve the flawless skin look if your skin is poorly-treated.
So after brushing my teeth, tying my hair back and putting on a headband (so that the roots of my hair stay dry) I like to splash hot water on my face three times to get my pores a little more opened. This means that your creams and cleansers will get right into the pore and kick out the nasty dirt and make up stored in there.
Next comes skincare (in order):

My Cleanser
Simple Moisturizing facial wash
I have been using this cleanser for a few years now and love it! Its very popular in the UK and is very beneficial to the skin as it moisturises it as well as cleansing the skin.
Also, this moisturiser is said to restore pro-vitamin b5 which is an anti-stress vitamin.
My Toner
Lancôme Tonique Confort
Yes I do have major, major oily skin BUT I use a dry skin toner, why?
Because most of my products are for oily skin, they are made to  stop exposure of the natural oil, taking it out or preventing it in the future.
That is good for cosmetic reasons as I look ''less shiny'' but stripping my skin of all oil and moisture can be quite intense, so I add it back with a very oily toner.
My Serum
 L'Oreal skin perfection advanced correcting serum
Seriously, the most effective serum I have ever tried on my face... See results in the next couple of days!

If you have large pores like me, or for example fine lines(which I don't) then I recommend this so much as it just works wonders!
This serum is a velvety-satin texture that feels amazing on the skin when you apply it, it also dries fast and never feels heavy which is just another big plus, there are just so many good things about this serum and I just strongly believe everyone with slight pores, big pores, fine lines and wrinkles should just go buy it!!!!!!
My Eye Cream
M.A.C fast response eye cream
My eye cream is made of de-puffing those circles under the eye that can appear when tired, when stressed or whenever they simply want to due the nature of been a woman.
The eye cream is supposed to erase those dark circles and also smooth out fine lines that can be collected around the eye area as we age
(yes I'm too young for those yet but starting early is better as it prevents the ''crows feet'' look when I get older)
My Moisturiser
L'Oreal skin perfecting correcting day moisturiser
This is the sister-product of my serum.
They work together to give that perfect face texture! My holy grail products!!!!
As its only a day moisturiser I stick to the rules and use it in the morning only and sometimes throughout the day to boost the moisture.
I really enjoy the smell of this one as its one of those ''fresh cream smells'' that leaves you feeling satisfied with your cleanse and moisturise routine.
Hot water splashed 3 to re-pen pores. Then I hold my fingers over my eyelashes to moist them up a little for easier cleansing as I wear a few coats of mascara that are a pain to take off!
My cleansing is different to the morning as I have make up to remove, but the moistening aspect of it is pretty much the same.
 My make up remover
Garnier Micellar cleansing water
This is said to ''act like magnets'' and take away the make up and dirt on the face.
Which i strongly believe... This is a none-oily way to remove excessive make up on the face such as make up that MUA's wear.
I apply this to a cotton wool pad and hold over my eye area for twenty seconds till it melts of my mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner then remove it by swiping down.
With another clean cotton wool pad i circle it round my skin and remove any powder, cream or liquid products on my face.
My cleanser
Simple moist facial wash
Then I go in with that moisturising facial wash that I used in the morning
(scroll up to read info)
After this I go in with some M.A.C make up wipes to remove make up along hair line, neck, hard to reach places such as around nose (I have a nose piercing so have to go round that carefully) and then swipe over my face to get any left over make up.
My Exfoliator
 Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash
This exfoliator has little beads in that get right into the pore and push out the nasty'ness, although supposed to be harsh on the skin, I still find it very moisturising and can feel my skin soften straight after use as it kills all the dead skin cells hanging on the skin making it rough and edgy.
This is an oil balancing wash so it does rip out the oils straight from the skin, so you can see the reason why I use my very oily toner.
The next four products are the same as I use in the day...
My Toner
Lancôme Tonique Confort
My Eye Cream
M.A.C fast response eye cream
My Serum
 L'Oreal skin perfection advanced correcting serum
My Moisturiser
L'Oreal skin perfecting correcting day moisturiser
And that's all for my Skincare Routines, hope that helped you out a little bit and inspired you to start looking after your skin!
Skincare should be a lifelong thing that starts from a young age but i know some teens can be lazy, busy or simply don't know what are the right products for them and what is the order to use them
Please find out the right products for your skin before buying them (can ask in the shops) as this is MY skincare routine and what helps MY skin... You have to remember we all have different skin and what helps me might not help you, although if you do have similar skin, which is oily then these products should be great for you.
I also recommend those that are anyone around the age of 19- 21 to start using aging products, not because you are getting old, but simply because preventing wrinkles and old looking skin has to start young! It will really help in the future, trust me.
Thank you for reading, leave any questions below I will be happy to help!
- Love, Diana xx

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