Saturday, 15 August 2015


I've never been a good morning person and I usually love my lay ins... like daily! Been nocturnal doesn't leave you with much options really but lately I've got back into a good regime and wake up around 11:30 (unless I have work or something to do at a certain time the following day) - Waking up can be so hard, but cleansing and taking care of my skin in the morning doesn't only make me feel more awake, it prepares my skin for make up.
I love the quote, '' Skincare is the foundation to your foundation''  which is so true!!
You can not possibly achieve the flawless skin look if your skin is poorly-treated.
So after brushing my teeth, tying my hair back and putting on a headband (so that the roots of my hair stay dry) I like to splash hot water on my face three times to get my pores a little more opened. This means that your creams and cleansers will get right into the pore and kick out the nasty dirt and make up stored in there.
Next comes skincare (in order):

My Cleanser
Simple Moisturizing facial wash
I have been using this cleanser for a few years now and love it! Its very popular in the UK and is very beneficial to the skin as it moisturises it as well as cleansing the skin.
Also, this moisturiser is said to restore pro-vitamin b5 which is an anti-stress vitamin.
My Toner
Lancôme Tonique Confort
Yes I do have major, major oily skin BUT I use a dry skin toner, why?
Because most of my products are for oily skin, they are made to  stop exposure of the natural oil, taking it out or preventing it in the future.
That is good for cosmetic reasons as I look ''less shiny'' but stripping my skin of all oil and moisture can be quite intense, so I add it back with a very oily toner.
My Serum
 L'Oreal skin perfection advanced correcting serum
Seriously, the most effective serum I have ever tried on my face... See results in the next couple of days!

If you have large pores like me, or for example fine lines(which I don't) then I recommend this so much as it just works wonders!
This serum is a velvety-satin texture that feels amazing on the skin when you apply it, it also dries fast and never feels heavy which is just another big plus, there are just so many good things about this serum and I just strongly believe everyone with slight pores, big pores, fine lines and wrinkles should just go buy it!!!!!!
My Eye Cream
M.A.C fast response eye cream
My eye cream is made of de-puffing those circles under the eye that can appear when tired, when stressed or whenever they simply want to due the nature of been a woman.
The eye cream is supposed to erase those dark circles and also smooth out fine lines that can be collected around the eye area as we age
(yes I'm too young for those yet but starting early is better as it prevents the ''crows feet'' look when I get older)
My Moisturiser
L'Oreal skin perfecting correcting day moisturiser
This is the sister-product of my serum.
They work together to give that perfect face texture! My holy grail products!!!!
As its only a day moisturiser I stick to the rules and use it in the morning only and sometimes throughout the day to boost the moisture.
I really enjoy the smell of this one as its one of those ''fresh cream smells'' that leaves you feeling satisfied with your cleanse and moisturise routine.
Hot water splashed 3 to re-pen pores. Then I hold my fingers over my eyelashes to moist them up a little for easier cleansing as I wear a few coats of mascara that are a pain to take off!
My cleansing is different to the morning as I have make up to remove, but the moistening aspect of it is pretty much the same.
 My make up remover
Garnier Micellar cleansing water
This is said to ''act like magnets'' and take away the make up and dirt on the face.
Which i strongly believe... This is a none-oily way to remove excessive make up on the face such as make up that MUA's wear.
I apply this to a cotton wool pad and hold over my eye area for twenty seconds till it melts of my mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner then remove it by swiping down.
With another clean cotton wool pad i circle it round my skin and remove any powder, cream or liquid products on my face.
My cleanser
Simple moist facial wash
Then I go in with that moisturising facial wash that I used in the morning
(scroll up to read info)
After this I go in with some M.A.C make up wipes to remove make up along hair line, neck, hard to reach places such as around nose (I have a nose piercing so have to go round that carefully) and then swipe over my face to get any left over make up.
My Exfoliator
 Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash
This exfoliator has little beads in that get right into the pore and push out the nasty'ness, although supposed to be harsh on the skin, I still find it very moisturising and can feel my skin soften straight after use as it kills all the dead skin cells hanging on the skin making it rough and edgy.
This is an oil balancing wash so it does rip out the oils straight from the skin, so you can see the reason why I use my very oily toner.
The next four products are the same as I use in the day...
My Toner
Lancôme Tonique Confort
My Eye Cream
M.A.C fast response eye cream
My Serum
 L'Oreal skin perfection advanced correcting serum
My Moisturiser
L'Oreal skin perfecting correcting day moisturiser
And that's all for my Skincare Routines, hope that helped you out a little bit and inspired you to start looking after your skin!
Skincare should be a lifelong thing that starts from a young age but i know some teens can be lazy, busy or simply don't know what are the right products for them and what is the order to use them
Please find out the right products for your skin before buying them (can ask in the shops) as this is MY skincare routine and what helps MY skin... You have to remember we all have different skin and what helps me might not help you, although if you do have similar skin, which is oily then these products should be great for you.
I also recommend those that are anyone around the age of 19- 21 to start using aging products, not because you are getting old, but simply because preventing wrinkles and old looking skin has to start young! It will really help in the future, trust me.
Thank you for reading, leave any questions below I will be happy to help!
- Love, Diana xx

Friday, 3 July 2015


I want to share some of my favourite products with you guys
and a fun way to do it is in ''Colour Series''
This is where I will be putting together my favourite's into specific colours.

There will be descriptions of the items
Links for online purchasing
& Why I love them!


This lipstick is a matte finish, although matte its very creamy and rich on the lips which adds comfort to application!
This shade is extremely close to Kylie Jenners famous lip-look!
Compliment this lipstick with Mac's Whirl Lipliner for Kylie's look!!

Picture -> is not the actual shade.

The KIKO MILANO 3D INSTANT VOLUME in shade 216 is a Nude, Pearly/glossy shade

that works amazing on top of any neutral toned lipstick!
It adds volume, it adds nourishment and even has a fun tingle to go with it!

Next is a stunning shade from URBAN DECAY.
A matte nude/brown shade which is perfect to use in the crease and will suite any eye!
For deeper completions this will work amazing as a transition colour.
For lighter completions you can use this in your outer-V to give your look some natural-drama!
This shade is also stunning on the lower lash for that smokey look.


a perfect shade of red!
The quality - for the price of this lipstick is amazing!!
It lasts for a long time on the lips, its a stunning opaque red which adds elegance to any look!


    I strongly recommend this to anybody
and everybody as its very universal
and will suit all skin shades.

An almost reddy/hot pink BLUSH from MAC COSMETICS has to be on the list!
Its very scary when you first see it as its intensively pigmented and bright.

It is hard to pull of when applied generously but when this product is applied with a light hand, on the right part of the cheeks it looks beautiful! It actually begins to look like a natural blush coming through the skin!
I recommend it to anybody wanting to try something new and experimenting with shades.

This colour HAS to be applied with a light hand on light skin due to its intensity but works amazingly as an everyday blush for deeper completions.

To complete the red series I want to add a nail polish. A very good quality brand - KIKO MILANO, this red nail polish is called 'Orange Red' and by the name you can already see it has a very warm tone to it which is very flattering on the hand!

 not actual picture of nail polish ->


       The KIKO MILANO Long Lasting eye shadow stick in (31) Iris Blue
is soooooo beautiful!!
I usually have it either in the inner corner or the waterline to add that amazing pop of blue!
Its very rich and creamy which makes application smooth.
It also does last a long time even though it is in such a sensitive

Benefit's they're real! push-up eyeliner in beyond blue.
Not only is it designed to give you that great cat eye / winged liner effect, it can work great on the lower lash or in the waterline.
The texture can be hard to work with on dry eyelids but tends to work smoother on oily or well primed eyelids.
Other than that, I think this NEW product from Benefit is amazing and for those who can pull it off they will love it!

Above is an Illamasqua Lipstick in Disciple this is a stunning, unusual, deep navy tone for those who dare to be brave!
Ok, so its not an everyday colour, at all - but works amazing with the camera for specific photoshoots and even looks good with a quirky outfit.


This is one of my must-have products!
I am truly in love with this.
Smashbox, HALO Yellow toned Colour Correcting Powder.
So below I will link the amazon link where you have more chance of grabbing it!
This powder sets the concealer incredibly and adds that yellow kim K highlight!
The powder has a matte finish and lasts a long time preventing your concealer from creasing.
The only downside is that it does sink very deep into your pores and makes them 10x more visible (For those with pores around the nose, close to the eye area)
But other than that... IT IS  A MAAAYZING


Next is the Yellow toned Mac Prep+Prime highlighter which is very popular!
It can be used on top of or under foundation/concealer to add a bright hint o the under eye area, around the nose, on the nose and the forehead.
This is also a product Kim K is known to have used in the past for the intense highlight.

Below is an amazing NEON yellow nail polish by Miss Sporty. (colour145)
Not only is it extremely cheap, it is also extremely fast drying and very opaque making it amazing for application and wearing.
It does tend to start chipping quite fast but for that price you can keep replying to generously.

This is it for now but I will be doing the colours below next!
And after those I will add many, many more colours to the list so stay tuned and Thank You for reading!


Sunday, 25 January 2015


: I do apologise that my brushes have product on them!
Took these photo's before it was bath time for my brushes!!!

2014 for me has been a year of trying new products, new tools, new make up, new colours, new finishes and new constancies!
of Corse been a make up artist and make up collector I have way too much make up so if I was going to tell you each one I love it will take forever!
therefore I picked a few really good, impressive ones.

So the Naked (1) Original Palette is my favourite of all!
The colours are stunning and can transform a look from day to evening really quick and easy.
I do wish there where a few more mattes though
as you learn you need them a lot when doing make up professionally for specific reasons.
The pigmentation of these eye shadows are brilliant and
a little goes a long way,
I would defiantly recommend the first naked palette from Urban Decay although I hear people prefer the newer palettes.

Another great Urban Decay product Is the all Nighter Spray!
Many brands are coming out with Facial sprays lately but I haven't seemed to find one quite good as this, I do feel like it makes a difference and increases the time my foundation etc. stays on and looks perfect!
I have extremely oily skin so it works well on me.
It also keeps glitters, pigments and 'powdery' eye shadows in place for longer.

 Next I want to share 5 brushes that I seem to reach a lot for throughout the past year!
These are:
H&M BB cream brush (I had to buy the silver limited addition one also because this brush is AMAZING!)
Due to the density of the brush applying liquate foundations is the most enjoyable task of the day for me as it smooth's it out so easily and so, so well.
I tap and stipple the foundation with this brush instead of swiping it around the face, this ensures your make up stays in the place you applied it to instead of rubbing off in one place and adding to another, this effect you would usually call 'patchy' so remember, pat it on instead of doing swiping motions!

The next brush is the Mac 217 Blending brush, I use it in the crease of my eye to apply a matte brown colour usually, this makes my eye colour pop and defines my eye shape. Urban Decay Good Karma BrushThis is actually one of my favourite eye brushes ever! The way it applies the colours is amazing,
you literally get the most out of your eye shadows with this brush, its also extremely dense and allows the
pigments/eye shadows to be packed on instead of been blended and muted out!

Fero Beauty Suppliers Crease Brush
Is the last one of the bunch. I love it because of how big and fluffy it is.
It makes it extremely easy to blend out harsh lines and blends colours into each other nicely!

Below is the MAC Vanilla Pigment and the KIKO Milano Mixing Solution
that are literally a match made in heaven!
I'll start with talking about the Mixing Solution as it works with
any type of eye shadow, glitter, pigment etc.
I wet the end of my brush in the solution then pick up the colour and it goes on SOOOO DAMN BRIGHT!!!!!!!!
Its one of my life long must haves now and I will definitely take it into 2015 with me!

Lastly I want to talk a little about my favourite foundation of 2015.
Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF10.
Although I got to know it better towards the end of 2014 I still know that I LOVE it enough to share it with you guys.
Like I said before I have extremely oily skin and this foundation does dry matte, but makes you look glowly and healthy at the same time!
It is full coverage but I find you have to add layers to get the desired FULL- FULL coverage, if that's the look you was going for.
The stay of this foundation is incredible, its so long lasting and looks beautiful on the skin for such a long time!!

Okay, that concludes my quick list of 2014 favourites but bare in mind there are many more that are worth sharing that I will make sure I let you guys know about on other blog posts so keep updated!
You can sign up to Emails on the HOME page to make sure you don't miss a single post!!!!
Thank you for reading hope it helped XXX

Friday, 19 December 2014



This is one of the most stressful holiday's of the year,
there is a lot to pay for and a LOT to buy!
Buying gifts can be really hard, you want to please your closest friends and family
but don't want to go over your planned budget.
So, here are some Beauty related gifts/gift sets I've found that
can hopefully give you inspiration and ideas for
those who have left it a little late as we only have
less than a week left till Xmas and only 10 days left till the New Year!!
 I have to start with Benefit as they always have great gift sets!
here is one that will look great wrapped up or simply put under
the tree.
Benefit Cosmetics have the cutest packaging ever!!
This is the
This is the PRETTY PARFAIT box that includes a Porefessional primer,
 Benetint lip and cheek stain, a small fragrance perfect for clutch bags
and a They're Real mascara
 (which is actually my favourite mascara ever!)
It is a limited addition set so get your hands on it as soon as you can!
It is worth around £53
but is sold at £29.60
This is another number by Benefit.
It is a palette with blushers and a Matte Hoola Bronzer
(My favourite contour colour)
- dandelion
- sugarbomb
- Coralista
- Bella bamba
- rockateur
- watt's up
& ofcorse - Hoola
All that for £29.50

 This is a Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit trey set

that I actually got last year

 ( not sure who from ooops )

smells beautiful!

currently available from Superdrug on sale

at £12.50 instead of £25.00

 Another one from Superdrug.
This is the
Anna Sui Tin Box 'Secret Wish' 50ML 
priced at £36.00
 This is Anna Sui’s limited edition collectable from the Bohemian Caravan
and would be a great gift as the packaging is adorable and every girl
loves to smell good! 
Softer Smoother Skin Christmas Gift Set for £30
This set includes:
- Deep Comfort Body Butter 200ml
- Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream 40ml
- Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator 40ml
- Silver and purple zipped pouch
available at Debenhams.
Okay men can beauty gift sets too.
This is the 1 Million Eau de Toilette Christmas Gift Set 50ml  
 Worth £53
but costs £41.50
Kiko Milano is one of my favourite affordable make up brands ever!
I've been given a stylish gift card before from my mum and
I was the happiest person ever ;)
So here is a gift card that
you can spend it online or in store and put on
£20 +
It comes in a pretty box and would be a great versatile gift
that allows THEM to pick what they want.
So hopefully this inspired you at least a little bit and gave you some ideas!
There are many more but the list
would go on for ages.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

REVIEW || Favourite Foundation

I want to start with sharing this product with you all, a product that isn’t at all high end, marketed at AROUND £7.69 although the outcome, coverage and finish it gives off makes you look a thousand pounds!
I’ve tried many different types and brands of foundation both expensive and drugstore brands starting from Mac, Estee Lauder and Chanel to Revlon, L’Oreal and Maxfactor.
But still to this day I call the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation THE BEST! I would recommend it mostly to people with oily to combination skin as it is a velvet-matte finish.
I would also recommend it to anybody with large pores, wrinkles or heavy blemishes the reasons for this being:

Filled as its a moose texture.

For example, when a spot is hidden with a matte finish foundation it doesn’t attract no light therefor it is more camouflaged, also it appears more flat, therefor its harder to see.

Its super easy to build your desired coverage with this product by layering after product has dried and set into the skin but remember to start from the T zone (e.g. nose, inner forehead, chin) then extending outwards.

This product doesn’t require you to use much product at all! Apply this with a more dense foundation brush. A tip is to very slightly wet the end of the bristles before dipping into this foundation. The feel of this on your skin is extremely light, almost as though you have nothing on, this is also how it looks on the skin! Naturally flawless.
I would rate it a 10/10! highly recommended :)