Sunday, 25 January 2015


: I do apologise that my brushes have product on them!
Took these photo's before it was bath time for my brushes!!!

2014 for me has been a year of trying new products, new tools, new make up, new colours, new finishes and new constancies!
of Corse been a make up artist and make up collector I have way too much make up so if I was going to tell you each one I love it will take forever!
therefore I picked a few really good, impressive ones.

So the Naked (1) Original Palette is my favourite of all!
The colours are stunning and can transform a look from day to evening really quick and easy.
I do wish there where a few more mattes though
as you learn you need them a lot when doing make up professionally for specific reasons.
The pigmentation of these eye shadows are brilliant and
a little goes a long way,
I would defiantly recommend the first naked palette from Urban Decay although I hear people prefer the newer palettes.

Another great Urban Decay product Is the all Nighter Spray!
Many brands are coming out with Facial sprays lately but I haven't seemed to find one quite good as this, I do feel like it makes a difference and increases the time my foundation etc. stays on and looks perfect!
I have extremely oily skin so it works well on me.
It also keeps glitters, pigments and 'powdery' eye shadows in place for longer.

 Next I want to share 5 brushes that I seem to reach a lot for throughout the past year!
These are:
H&M BB cream brush (I had to buy the silver limited addition one also because this brush is AMAZING!)
Due to the density of the brush applying liquate foundations is the most enjoyable task of the day for me as it smooth's it out so easily and so, so well.
I tap and stipple the foundation with this brush instead of swiping it around the face, this ensures your make up stays in the place you applied it to instead of rubbing off in one place and adding to another, this effect you would usually call 'patchy' so remember, pat it on instead of doing swiping motions!

The next brush is the Mac 217 Blending brush, I use it in the crease of my eye to apply a matte brown colour usually, this makes my eye colour pop and defines my eye shape. Urban Decay Good Karma BrushThis is actually one of my favourite eye brushes ever! The way it applies the colours is amazing,
you literally get the most out of your eye shadows with this brush, its also extremely dense and allows the
pigments/eye shadows to be packed on instead of been blended and muted out!

Fero Beauty Suppliers Crease Brush
Is the last one of the bunch. I love it because of how big and fluffy it is.
It makes it extremely easy to blend out harsh lines and blends colours into each other nicely!

Below is the MAC Vanilla Pigment and the KIKO Milano Mixing Solution
that are literally a match made in heaven!
I'll start with talking about the Mixing Solution as it works with
any type of eye shadow, glitter, pigment etc.
I wet the end of my brush in the solution then pick up the colour and it goes on SOOOO DAMN BRIGHT!!!!!!!!
Its one of my life long must haves now and I will definitely take it into 2015 with me!

Lastly I want to talk a little about my favourite foundation of 2015.
Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF10.
Although I got to know it better towards the end of 2014 I still know that I LOVE it enough to share it with you guys.
Like I said before I have extremely oily skin and this foundation does dry matte, but makes you look glowly and healthy at the same time!
It is full coverage but I find you have to add layers to get the desired FULL- FULL coverage, if that's the look you was going for.
The stay of this foundation is incredible, its so long lasting and looks beautiful on the skin for such a long time!!

Okay, that concludes my quick list of 2014 favourites but bare in mind there are many more that are worth sharing that I will make sure I let you guys know about on other blog posts so keep updated!
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Thank you for reading hope it helped XXX

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