Friday, 3 July 2015


I want to share some of my favourite products with you guys
and a fun way to do it is in ''Colour Series''
This is where I will be putting together my favourite's into specific colours.

There will be descriptions of the items
Links for online purchasing
& Why I love them!


This lipstick is a matte finish, although matte its very creamy and rich on the lips which adds comfort to application!
This shade is extremely close to Kylie Jenners famous lip-look!
Compliment this lipstick with Mac's Whirl Lipliner for Kylie's look!!

Picture -> is not the actual shade.

The KIKO MILANO 3D INSTANT VOLUME in shade 216 is a Nude, Pearly/glossy shade

that works amazing on top of any neutral toned lipstick!
It adds volume, it adds nourishment and even has a fun tingle to go with it!

Next is a stunning shade from URBAN DECAY.
A matte nude/brown shade which is perfect to use in the crease and will suite any eye!
For deeper completions this will work amazing as a transition colour.
For lighter completions you can use this in your outer-V to give your look some natural-drama!
This shade is also stunning on the lower lash for that smokey look.


a perfect shade of red!
The quality - for the price of this lipstick is amazing!!
It lasts for a long time on the lips, its a stunning opaque red which adds elegance to any look!


    I strongly recommend this to anybody
and everybody as its very universal
and will suit all skin shades.

An almost reddy/hot pink BLUSH from MAC COSMETICS has to be on the list!
Its very scary when you first see it as its intensively pigmented and bright.

It is hard to pull of when applied generously but when this product is applied with a light hand, on the right part of the cheeks it looks beautiful! It actually begins to look like a natural blush coming through the skin!
I recommend it to anybody wanting to try something new and experimenting with shades.

This colour HAS to be applied with a light hand on light skin due to its intensity but works amazingly as an everyday blush for deeper completions.

To complete the red series I want to add a nail polish. A very good quality brand - KIKO MILANO, this red nail polish is called 'Orange Red' and by the name you can already see it has a very warm tone to it which is very flattering on the hand!

 not actual picture of nail polish ->


       The KIKO MILANO Long Lasting eye shadow stick in (31) Iris Blue
is soooooo beautiful!!
I usually have it either in the inner corner or the waterline to add that amazing pop of blue!
Its very rich and creamy which makes application smooth.
It also does last a long time even though it is in such a sensitive

Benefit's they're real! push-up eyeliner in beyond blue.
Not only is it designed to give you that great cat eye / winged liner effect, it can work great on the lower lash or in the waterline.
The texture can be hard to work with on dry eyelids but tends to work smoother on oily or well primed eyelids.
Other than that, I think this NEW product from Benefit is amazing and for those who can pull it off they will love it!

Above is an Illamasqua Lipstick in Disciple this is a stunning, unusual, deep navy tone for those who dare to be brave!
Ok, so its not an everyday colour, at all - but works amazing with the camera for specific photoshoots and even looks good with a quirky outfit.


This is one of my must-have products!
I am truly in love with this.
Smashbox, HALO Yellow toned Colour Correcting Powder.
So below I will link the amazon link where you have more chance of grabbing it!
This powder sets the concealer incredibly and adds that yellow kim K highlight!
The powder has a matte finish and lasts a long time preventing your concealer from creasing.
The only downside is that it does sink very deep into your pores and makes them 10x more visible (For those with pores around the nose, close to the eye area)
But other than that... IT IS  A MAAAYZING


Next is the Yellow toned Mac Prep+Prime highlighter which is very popular!
It can be used on top of or under foundation/concealer to add a bright hint o the under eye area, around the nose, on the nose and the forehead.
This is also a product Kim K is known to have used in the past for the intense highlight.

Below is an amazing NEON yellow nail polish by Miss Sporty. (colour145)
Not only is it extremely cheap, it is also extremely fast drying and very opaque making it amazing for application and wearing.
It does tend to start chipping quite fast but for that price you can keep replying to generously.

This is it for now but I will be doing the colours below next!
And after those I will add many, many more colours to the list so stay tuned and Thank You for reading!


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